Discover your underlying traits and behaviors with this Free Fun FACTs Personality Test and find out what makes you You...

  • For each question, select the button next to the answer that applies the best for you...
  • 1. What did you enjoy most in your career?
  • Good salary
  • 2. Why should you go to the gym?
  • Keep from getting fat
    To get fit
    Reduce stress
  • 3. If working overtime meant a promotion and a long lost friend came to town, would you...
  • Scrap the original overtime plan and spend time with your loved one
    Work the overtime as planned, and get your friend to reschedule for a better time
    Stick to your original plan, work the overtime, and try to squeeze them in
    Work half as much as you had originally planned
  • 4. Do you usually get along better with...
  • Creative imaginative people
    People with a good foundation in logic
    Logical people who have a creative side
    People who are realistic and to-the point
  • 5. Why did you go to work every day?
  • Opportunities for advancement
    Keep from getting fired
    Get out of the house
  • 6. How do you make an important life decision?
  • Based on facts and evidence
    By gut instinct and feelings
    Based on the bottom line
    By how it will balance out my life

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